Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Television helps me lose weight??

Alright, I have to admit I’ve been on a bit of sabbatical as of late, but I’m back! And with some interesting insight if I do say so myself.

I have recently discovered that my obsession with television has indeed had a direct positive effect on my weight. That’s right, because I love to watch television and have become a loyal fan to so many new shows I have recently started losing weight. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how me watching massive amounts of television can have any positive physical effect to my body but let me enlighten you.

Since Time Warner Cable sucks and only allows for you to record two shows at a time (yes Mom and Dad, I’m extremely jealous of your unlimited recording ability with AT&T) and I can’t justify having a DVR in the living room and bedroom that are only inches from each other, my viewing abilities have become somewhat limited. My solution; record as many shows as possible and watch what I can’t record at the gym! My new couch has become the elliptical/treadmill/bike downstairs at the gym in my building! Every night after work I now plan my evening by checking the guide on my television and deciding what time I need to arrive at the gym so there are no conflicts on my DVR. Also, since most of the shows are an hour long I end up working out longer than I usually would and time goes by so fast. It’s great!

Not only do I not miss any of my favorite shows, I also get to enjoy what my neighboring treadmill buddy is watching as well! Which just so happened to be the Ohio State vs. Perdue basketball game last night I would have otherwise not been aware of. I had the best of both worlds; listening to the premiere of American Idol on my television while creeping on my neighbor and watching the bball game. I have to admit that the Buckeyes started doing so well that they trumped Idol and I did eventually switch the game to my television to watch them come back and win! (How ‘bout Turner and those Buckeyes!!?)

Anyway, my advice to all you TV lovers out there is to get off your couch and head to the gym. Watching television can turn into a healthy lifestyle!

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