Monday, December 21, 2009


Just in time to make my last minute holiday shopping in the city even harder than it needed to be, a foot of snow decided to fall over the weekend! Don't get me wrong, I love love LOVE the snow, but the blizzard like conditions did not help with the crazy shoppers. Side note: although I'm complaining, doesn't it make central park look absolutely beautiful?! :)

Not only does the snow turn the concrete jungle into a magical place, it also turns my dog into a maniac! To say Molson loves the snow would be a complete understatement! Sometimes I consider moving to the mountains just to make him happy. Although I don't have a video of him in action, I believe the below is a great representation of how he was acting on Sunday. Please picture a yellow lab half covered only revealing a wagging tail as he is searching for a ball in a snow drift.

I also just find the video very cute :)

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