Saturday, January 30, 2010

NyQuil: 1 Me: 0

Why do medicine companies make it so damn hard to open medication?? They package pills as if it’s some sort of nuclear weapon that you have to open with such precision and skill only a spinal surgeon can achieve such as a task. Take last night for instance, it was 3 in the morning and I woke up feeling as if I was going to die. I reach over to my night stand where I’m currently housing what looks like my entire medicine cabinet, and grab the NyQuil. Now you’d think the makers of such a miracle drug would be smart enough to put their medication in an easily accessible package; but they aren’t. First you have to tear the two green pills away from their other pill friends. Now, they have perforated the packaging so that it looks as if this isn’t a hard task, but don’t let this fool you. You must fold this perforated area back and forth about 100 times before it becomes even remotely close to being able to tear (not to mention that I am so weak at this point I would probably have a hard time tearing a tissue). Then, once you have the two pills separated from the others, you now have to miraculously remove the silver lining before you are able to push the pills through. This for me is the trickiest part of the process. After about 20 attempts of finding a corner in which I can peel back, a few cuss words, and Marc waking up and asking me what’s wrong, I am finally able to open and take my medication. Sometimes I swear there is a hidden camera somewhere in my bedroom with someone who is about to jump out and yell ‘You’ve just been punked!’ It's just cruel! Screw you NyQuil for kicking me when I was already down!

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