Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Story

So I’ve been moved lately by my wonderful and truly inspirational friends to start blogging. I never really understood the whole appeal to telling the world your inner most thoughts (yes Birnie, I’m stealing this from you), but have finally embraced the idea that it can actually be therapeutic to express what you’re feeling and may never get out otherwise. That and I’ve realized that although I’ve always considered my life to be somewhat mediocre if not borderline boring, that my “gracefulness”, or lack thereof, can indeed be quite amusing to others.

Which brings me to the reason behind the name - You can call me Grace… Growing up I was not the most “graceful” of individuals and unfortunately I’ve never completely grown out of this awkwardness. Sadly, I get it honest, and my mother has some similar graceful antics of her own bringing my father to casually call us Grace when we take one of our classic spills or break yet another dish or glass. I’ve finally come to accept this clumsiness to be charming and just another reason for you to love me for being me. This all said, there is never really a dull moment in my life and sometimes I secretly think God is just trying to tell me it’s time for me to get myself a new dining set J

So here’s to the beginning of my graceful blogging journey! May you enjoy my daily ups, downs, falls and triumphs!

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