Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good vs. Evil

Left or right, spoon or fork, drink or bread? Sometimes I think it is impossible to remember proper table etiquette. But during a very interesting lunch conversation with my coworkers, I found out that everyone has their own nutty yet clever ways of remembering how to set a table.

For instance, one individual looks at these utensils as good and evil. Yes, thats right, the defenseless spoon must protect himself from the wicked fork. To do so, he must depend on his buddy the knife to protect him by laying on the same side of the table as the spoon but between the plate and terrible fork. I can only imagine the battle reenactments from this individual at the dinner table as a child. Dinner would have been so much fun! I'm kind of jealous I didn't come up with this fantasy world myself.

Now another very interesting way to remember where to place your drink in relation to your bread and plate is by holding your index finger to your thumb on both hands. By making this motion, you are creating a 'b' and a 'd' with your hands respectively representing 'bread' and "drink". Very clever my friend, very clever.

I have to admit that my measly "I'm right handed so more utensils go on the right side" is looking pretty weak compared to these other recollections, but I can now combine all of these ridiculous table setting rituals together and always have a very proper table landscape, and a good laugh.

Feel free to add to the shenanigans! How do you remember how to set the table?

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  1. I should probably send you the awesome pic I have of LT reenacting the Good vs. Evil. Awesome.